Why Atop: What We Do

Atop designs, customizes, and manufactures industrial networking equipment and pick-to-light systems. We're passionate about your experience because we believe strongly in what our products and capabilities can enable you to do, by helping you connect with your business.


Atop was founded over 25 years ago in Taiwan. With the economic center gravitating toward east Asia, Taiwan is finding itself at the center of this – both geographically and economically. Surrounded by some of the largest economies in the world, such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore, Taiwan is itself a strong economic performer, contributing substantially worldwide to the production of PCs and LCDs. What this means for you is that we have the infrastructure and distribution channels to deliver, as well having access to existing and emerging markets. With a worldwide network of distributors, we’re sure to have your covered locally. We know the importance of quality delivery.


Our wealth of experience across a number of industry sectors helps inform the products we design ourselves, providing ready-made solutions for your automation needs. We can design equipment that is specific to your application requirements, such as hardware, housing, firmware, and software. Our engineers are skilled in both hardware and software design, allowing us to tightly integrate the two. This provides great customization capabilities and reliable implementations. With environmental chambers and inhouse testing facilities, we can test to make sure hardware and software concepts are suitable for their industrial environment. Being manufacturers, we can then put concepts into production. Not only does this mean that you can receive a dedicated solution, but you can receive a dedicated service in making sure it is delivered to you.


As an ISO-9001-certified manufacturer, our products are well-received by companies such as Foxconn, Acer, ASUS, TSMC, Winbond, MXIC, and Wistron, and have been awarded honors by the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park's Administration. Our DIN Rail and railway products have passed a worldwide array of safety and operational regulations, such as EMC for heavy industrial use and railway applications, IEC 618503 for substation application, UL certification, and IP30 and IP67 ratings – along with many more fieldrelated certificates of various countries and markets.

Evolving Our Solutions

With a keen eye for observing our fast-changing world, Atop continues to evolve because we’re dedicated to improving. So you can depend on us to be with you for the future. The growing diversity of our product lines shows market adaptability, even in economic downturns, and it shows foresight for emerging technological standards. We strive to become a player who provides total and all-round solutions for connecting you with your busines. That means that with Atop you’ll only have the one company to deal with, no matter what the environment you operate in.

End-user, system integrator, OEM, or ODM: no matter what your business is, contact us to see how we can work together.