Access Control Application

Industry: Building Automation & Security Control
Product: Atop SE5302-10 & DIO-8
Site Location: University Campus, Taipei (March 2007 until now)  
System Integrator: A Security Service Company

Case Overview

Installation site was located at a public university in Taipei; there were three dormitories with total 43 entrances. The whole system was using 8 units of SE-5302 for Access Control.    
The responsible SI is one of top security companies in Asia, owns very good market share in Taiwan.
The main reason they chose Atop as an allied partner, was that Atop was able to do firmware customization, in addition to being a hardware provider.
In this case, the SI required an access controller with networking interface, which can process and retain data in the device, and upload it to administration center simultaneously.
In addition, access controller was required to work properly to provide status of the card reader being on-line or off-line. In case of alarm triggered, device should send the alarm message to the administration center and retain related data for tracking. Based on customer’s requirements, Atop provided a customized product named – SE5302-10.

Application Requirements

  • Supports TCP/IP Protocol over Ethernet.  
  • Controllers can be stood alone even though network is off line
  • Up to 50,000 card numbers, Individual Password setting  
  • Restores up to 50,000 records
  • Up to 12 time-period settings  
  • Controls 8 doors maximum, each door supports 1 or 2 card readers
  • Supports remotely maintaining and updating data over LAN or WAN.
  • Supports various types of access card readers. (EM, HID, Mifare..)
  • Up to 60-holiday settings
  • Automatically detects the on-line/off-line of card reader
  • Duration time for door opening – from 0 to 99 seconds
  • DI/DO expandable, supporting Push Button (N.O.), Magnetic Stick (N.C.), Fire Alert
  • All doors open automatically in case of fire.  
  • Records retained by battery back–up for one year
  • Provide SDK (Software Development Kits, DLL or Command Sets)

What was done by Atop

1. Atop provided two version of SE5302-10,

  • SE5302-10 (with Web server)

Using the web pages designed by the customer, Atop embedded those web pages in Web server of SE5302-10 (as per figures below)

     The major advantage of web server embedding is no need for any administration computer, so authorized users can configure the setting of the controller and getting reports. It’s a very cost effective management.          

  • SE5302-10 (Without Web server)

        In order to centralized administration, customer developed management software (figure below), and installed the software in Host PC of the administration center. The major advantage is to manage or update database centrally and simultaneously.         

2. Based on customer requirement, Atop built a limit switch inside SE52302-10, in case of housing opened by intruder, alert will be trigged for emergency.

3. F/W Architecture of SE5302-10

AP Architecture

1. USERAP.C –Responsible and process for data received from Host PC. 。
2. SIOINTR.C- Responsible and process for data received from card reader。
3. TAGAP.C – Responding command or data restored in memory.  
4 .ACCAP.C- Responding commands from DI/DO.

4. Atop modified the Firmware of SE5302-10 to be compliant with assigned Access Card Reader

Product Atop SE5302-10 & DIO-8
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