Automotive Application

Industry: Automobile Harnesses -- high quality components for vehicles
Product: Wireless Access Point (AW5300) and Wireless Client Adapter (EW5302)
Site Location: Central America

Case overview

The Atop customer is a provider of high-quality components for vehicles for more than 40 years. From a beginning as a contract manufacturer for only a single customer, they now have evolved to become a worldwide technology leader in the industry. They are a subsidiary company of a huge enterprise. They assemble wire harnesses (all wires from vehicle dashboards through the engines to all parts of the vehicle). They are able to make and assemble wire harnesses for many types of vehicles (cars, tractors, trucks, etc).

System requirements

1. A device consists of a hand held scanner and a data analyzer – which are connected by RS232 to an Atop wireless server. The Atop wireless server sends the scans and analyzer information back to the host reliably over Wifi.

2. The wireless serial server must comply with certain industrial standards, such as very high resistance to dust, vibration and electro-magnetic interference.

System Topology

Business Benefit

Within just one week of the Atop solution being implemented on the line, the efficiency improved by more than 32%.

Key Success Factors

1. Atop’s solution improved the efficiency of the process.
2. It enabled implementing of this system on the APEX Engine conveyor.
3. Atop closely worked with the customer’s team to ensure successful trouble shooting.

Product Wireless Access Point and Wireless Client Adapter Click below for detailed information and specifications


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