Electronic Manufacturing Application

Industry: Electronic Manufacturing, SMT Shop Flow Control
Product: SE5016 Serial Server
Country: China (from 2006 until now)

Case Overview

One customer is doing IT device manufacturing. They process SMT and assemble products with an information collection system called Shop Floor Control System(SFCS), SFCS is on-line computer application system that integrates all relevant real-time information along every step in a manufacturing process. The functions of SFCS include data collection, WIP (work in process) tracking, material management, inventory management, exception management, and quality management etc. IT manufacturing has the following characteristics: a large variety of products, and short product life cycle. Therefore, SFCS is very essential to let IT manufacturing vendors collect real-time production line information, supporting manufacturing decision making, and increasing manufacturing efficiency.
   Originally, customer used local PC embedded with multi-port serial board (as a station) to connect with several barcode readers. After reading data, the station will send it to host PC for data processing.
New problems came when more stations were added,
1. Slots on the PC limited the number of multi-port serial board that could be added.
2. PC is not a “compact” equipment for ease-of-installation.       
     3.  S/W upgraded to each PC is not convenient and user friendly.   

System Requirement

1. A serial-to-Ethernet server is needed to connect with bar code readers and upload the data to host PC over TCP/IP protocol. The local PC was to be eliminated.  
3. Serial Server must be reliable for long-time operation, and compliant with industrial standards.
4. Serial server must be compact size for ease-of-installation. In addition, ease-of-use for operators is necessary as well.
5. No need to modify existing application software of host PC for new system.

System topology

What was done by Atop

1.  SE5016 was provided by Atop to successfully convert Serial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet in cost effective way.
2.  SE 5016 provided software selectable RS232/RS485/RS422 port with Gas Discharge Tube for Surge protection or Photo-couple isolation RS422/RS485.

3. SE5016 provided Virtual Com Mode for either TCP server or client, it allowed host PC to connect with multiple serial devices without modification of application software.

Key success factors

1. Atop SE5016 works reliably, and trouble free.
2. Atop co-works with local SI to perform a quality service to user.

Business Benefits

Over two years operation, it proved to be a reliable and stable solution. The customer implemented lots of SE5016 for SFCS in the whole production line.     

Product SE5016 Serial Server
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