Hospitality Application

Industry: Food, Brewery, Hotel(Resort) service
Product: Ethernet Serial Server (GW51C-MAXI-WDT) with OYASAI Firmware
Site Location: Japan (from August 2007 until now)

Case Overview

More and more Onsen (Japanese Spa) and Sake brewery are using  sensor systems to monitor temperature and other parameters. Atop provides a solution that allows these parameters to be monitored remotely over the Internet.  This gives the Atop customer the ability to remotely monitor and control all the equipment in the Spa or Ski Resort.

Atop’s solution is used by Onsen Spa, Ski resorts, etc. for monitoring temperature variations. Linking the sensor through Atop's serial server to the Web or mobile phone gives easy access to the customer. Linking to the Web also gives the customer real-time data wherever they are. This system will give the customer notice on temperature changes by automatically sending email updates.

Why is this system user friendly?

The architecture of this system is such that even a user without technical knowledge can easily access all the parameters on his/her computer and mobile phone via the web. The system also sends the user email so that a date report on the status of the parameters is available at the user’s fingertips at all times.
The system also allows a technically adept person to modify it easily using Javascript.
Oyasai products together with Atop have been able to provide reliable and a stable service to the user.  Also this system works with various meters, such as AC meter, Sound level meter, CO2 meter etc. Over 50 such products and sensors are supported seamlessly by Atop.

Application requirements

1.  All it takes is choosing the right meter for the requirement. RS232 connects the meter to the Atop serial server and the data is immediately available on the internet.
2.  The user should be able to sign on to and follow setup wizard via the Web.
3.  Just simply pasting the original scripts on your Web page will give the user the real-time data.  This system also provides email updates for business use.

System Topology

Product Ethernet Serial Server with OYASAI Firmware
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