Material Handling Application

Industry: AS/RS Material handling System
Product: SW5001
Country: China(from 2006 until now)

Case Overview

As one of the top 3 panel manufacturers in the world, the customer ships tens of thousands of LCD panels per day. In order to provide on-time and efficient shipments, several computerized automatic warehouses were built to store the LCD panels.
In regular warehouses, the existing way to load and unload goods is performed by forklift trucks. The operation of forklift trucks is usually constrained by the following conditions,
1. It needs wider-space aisles for trucks’ passage.
2. The goods are fragile, goods handling by trucks must be very carefully done to avoid any damage of goods.
3. In case of high-volume shipment, the traffic management of trucks is very critical.     
The new warehouses are equipped with AS/RS system (Automated Storage & Retrieval System). Retrieval of all goods from racks to a RGV (Rail-Guided Vehicle) is performed by Robots.
After the goods have been loaded into the assigned RGV, the RGV will move along the annular rail to a shipping dock. From here, the goods will be carried by trucks to its global destinations. Because the operation of each RGV is mainly controlled by the attached PLC, a wireless serial server is needed to provide a wireless link between the PLC and the control center.

System requirements

1. A device that allows each onboard PLC (serial device) to be connected to wireless network, with reliable communication.
2. The device must comply with certain industrial standards, such as prevention from dust, vibration and discontinue operation.
3. Ease-of-use is very important.
4. The size must be compact for easy installation.    

System Topology

What was done by Atop

1. SW5001, a serial server by Atop, was selected for wireless communication between RGV and the control center.
2. After being Installed on the mobile RGVs, SW5001 has proven its good reliability under long-time operation.
3. Atop assisted SI to improve wireless infrastructure of filed site by re-arranging the antennas of access points.

Key success factors

1. SW5001 has been proven a reliable and cost-effective solution.
2. Atop closely worked with SI for trouble-shooting.

Product SW5001
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