Modbus Gateway Application

Industrial: Utility Monitoring - Optoelectronics
Product: TFT LCD Display
Site location: HsinChu, Taiwan
System Integrator: A Software company who provides Modbus solution.

Case Overview

The end user is strategically focused on becoming the world's leading provider of mobile display solutions – through the timely development and delivery of an extensive and highly competitive product and technology portfolio designed to exceed the current and future needs of customers globally, the global employee number is 15,400.
The user’s plant is equipped with power distribution system. In order to monitor the status of power utilities, the real-time information of power utilities should be sent to the host PC (in control room) over Ethernet.

Application Requirements

1. Conventional power utilities use RS485 serial interface for communicating. It needs serial servers to convert and uplink to Ethernet networks.

2. The communicating protocol of power utilities is Modbus RTU. Serial server should perform the role of gateway to convert the protocol to be Modbus TCP. In addition, cost of gateway must be very competitive.

3. The power-monitoring software operating at host PC of control room is provided by the maker of the Power Utilities. Since the software was designed to use RS485 only, VirtualComm is needed here.

System Topology

What was done by Atop

1. Atop provided Serial Sever model No.- SE5302. SE5302 is a platform with programmable software development kit (SDK) and API. Atop also supported example program to assist the System Integrator by embedding Modbus protocol in SE5302.
2. After first installation of SE5302, the end user found that there were lots of signal interference at the installation site. It was felt that this might affect the performance of serial server. Atop assisted to verify the problem and solve it.

Key Success factors

1. SE5302 acted as a Modbus Gateway successfully, and enhanced the reliability of the whole system.
2. Instead of using expensive devices provided from the Power Utility supplier, SE5302 helped the end user to save lots of purchasing cost.

Product TFT LCD Display
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