Pick-to-Light/Put-to-Light Products

The Atop Pick-to-Light system is a paperless picking technology that provides an innovative solution for order fulfillment. The technology enables users to increase order picking productivity and accuracy in warehouse and distribution centers.

Put-to-Light Systems It functions as Pick-to-Light in reverse, primarily in batch-picking environments. The orders are batch picked in the warehouse and brought the Put-to-Light System. The picker scans/inputs an item and all the locations that need that item will illuminate. The picker will then distribute the item to each location and turn off the light.

Implementing Pick-to-Light technology enables:

  • Paperless picking processes
  • Streamlined order fulfillment
  • Dramatically increased productivity
  • Increased accuracy: virtually eliminates picking errors
  • Minimum training: usually less than 30 minutes
  • Better management: on-line picking data control

By replacing paper-based picking with Pick-to-Light technology, clients can expect picking productivity to double when used with the following configurations:

  • Flow/shelf rack picking - Where an order number or carton license plate (LPN) drives picking, inventory management and value added service activities.
  • Mobile cart picking - Where an order number drives batch picking and distribution of picked item quantities to multiple cartons, located on cart shelves.
  • Assembly/kitting workstations - Where a material order or finished goods SKU identifier drives the picking and value added service activities for kit/assembly components.

Atop can also customize Pick-to-Light software and equipment to work with supply chain clients' existing Pick-to-Light and related systems. Our unique replacement/upgrade service program offers maintenance support and upgradeability on these customized systems.

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