Power Station Control Application

Industry: Power Substation Monitoring and Control System
Product : Industrial Serial Server -SE5016
Country: China (From 2006 until now)

Case Overview

The substation integrated automation system is important equipment to the construction of the power grid. The national power grid is huge and complicated. The substation contains many monitoring and control equipments in urban as well as remote rural areas. Most of the equipments were installed before LAN/WAN became widely available, so they support only serial port communication. The workers would have to be stationed at each remote location 24 hours a day using computers to locally monitor and control the equipments via the serial ports. It consumed huge human resources to manage. In addition, when problem occurred, actions could not be done very quickly by upper power grid control center.

System Requirements

1. Without any interruption to the daily operation, to connect the monitoring and control equipments to the upper management center.
2.  Remotely and automatically collecting the data from Relay-protective devices of substation, facilitating a central operational management in real time.
3.   The new system should enable ease-of- installation, and ease-of-use for local operators.

System Topology

What was done by Atop

1. Atop provided a 16-port serial server model name SE5016. Without any change of the existing equipment, SE5016 is installed to connect the serial ports RS232/RS485 to the equipments and route the data to LAN ports using TCP/IP.

2. Using LAN/WAN, the management center and substations are inter-networked. The data of each substations can be collected and analyzed by specific software embedded in SE5016, and quick and proper actions can be executed by remote management center.

3. Industrial standard 1U racks are used for SE5016. Thus the installation is easy.

Key success factors

1.The SE5016 made by Atop is reliable and stable, easy to install and operate.

2. After-service provided by Atop is professional and timely.

3. Atop works closely and effectively with local system integrators, to provide good solution and timely support.

Business opportunity

The system has been operational over two years, and tens of more installations with SE5016 have happened year after year.

Product Industrial Serial Server
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