Public Services Application

Industry: Public Service
Product: SW5001 Wireless Serial Server
Site location: Walnut Creek
End User: Police Department   

Case Overview

The shooting practice room in the police department has a controller station which manage the targets that police shooting at. The system uses a RS232 Serial Interface that links to a desktop PC for the officer to set up the shooting target. The problem is the control system has to be near the targets which becomes noisy and potentially dangerous for people to be closed to the targets. The original thought is to use laptop at a distance to remote log into the desktop PC to control the targets remotely. However, since the desktop PC that links to the control system is old, remote login to such a PC was not possible.

Application Requirements

1. Managing the control system without replacing the old desktop PC or control the target control system directly through its Serial port remotely.
2. Achieve the above with a cost-efficient solution.

What was done by Atop

1. GW212 was provided by ATop to successfully convert Serial RS232 to IEEE802.11g. Through an already existing access point, the police office can remotely manage the target control system from a laptop which is 500 feet away.
2. On an typical remote access solution, the project will cost at least $600 to replace a new computer and set up a Windows Remote Desktop for remote control through a laptop“only. Serial-to-Wireless, SW5001 from Atop, cost $189 and the solution eliminates the desktop PC completely to simplified the connection between the control system and laptop.

System Topology

Key Success factors

1. SW5001 acts as a bridge between the target control system and laptop. It allows the user to achieve true remote management of the shooting targets from a safe distance.
2. Remove the old desktop completely and achieve a cost effective, reliable and safe solution.


Product SW5001 Wireless Serial Server
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