Security Control Application

Industry: Security Networks
Product: SE5001
Site location: Riviera Beach FL
System Integrator: A security company that connects software and hardware

Company Overview

The end user takes pride in providing their customers with the best system that will fit the security needs.
Case: Resident / Employee Access System


SmartTrack Access Control system is compatible with standard Card readers, Bar Code Decals, RFID Transponders, Proximity, Key fobs, Clickers.

Application Requirements

The Secura Key TOUCH CARD® Reader
Models: SK-034 and SK-029 read Secura Key cards
Outputs: Wiegand, Mag Stripe, RS-232
* Door opens when the card/data is valid; closed otherwise.

Hardware Device

1. The hardware device needs to be resistant to tampering and work in the temperature range of 0°C to 45°C
2. Conventional power utilities use RS232 serial interface for communicating. So, there is a need for serial servers to convert and uplink to Ethernet networks.
3. It communicates with the control panels through serial ports and modems over TCP/IP
4. Web (HTML), and Windows Based Configuration Utility.

System Topology

What was done by Atop

1. Atop provided Serial Sever model GW 212 with RS 232 port to connect our access panel.
2. It provides 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Network Interface
3. Compatible protocol: TCP/TP
4. Compact size, easy to install.
5. SmartTrack is a Windows Based Configuration system

Key Success factors

1. GW212 is a reliable connection to our security system.
2. Atop provide an appealing price.
3. Environmental compatibility was also ensured by Atop.
4. System was made fully compatible with the customer’s software system.

Product SE5001
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