Sewage Processing Application

Industry: Sewage Processing System
Product: GW51C-MAXI
Country: China (from 2005 until now)

Case Overview

Information (data including sewage flow rate and operation time of sewage processing equipment) from sewage monitoring stations in a city, is transmitted to the SQL Server database in the monitoring control center. The monitoring software in the PC can collect real-time flow rate and operating time of processing equipment. Therefore, the operator at the control center can remotely monitor real-time data sent from monitoring station around the city. Besides the transfer of sewage flow rate and operation time of sewage processing equipment, the system can also request data such as water level, pH, DO, BOD, and COD (TOC).
The monitoring equipment at the monitoring station has RS-232 port only and cannot perform long-distance transmission. The monitoring station is already equipped with router but with dynamic IP address. Thus, a device that can connect the monitoring equipments to control center over Internet is required.

What was done by Atop

1. Atop provided a product named GW51C-MAXI, GW51C-MAXI is able to convert data from serial equipment to TCP/IP protocol.
2. Assigned with dynamic IP, GW51C-MAXI can be configured as TCP CLIENT mode and sending data to host PC at the monitoring center over Internet.

System Topology

Key Success Factors

1. GW51C-MAXI is compliant with certain industrial stands, such as resistant to dust, vibration and humidity.
2.  GW51C-MAXI can be configured as TCP CLIENT mode. No need fixed IP address for sending data is needed.

Product GW51C-MAXI
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