Solar Energy Power Control Application

Industrial: Utility monitoring for Solar
Product: SE5001 Serial Server
Site location: Amherst, VA
End User: Solar powered home owner

Case Overview

The user is a diehard environmentalist who believes in eliminates pollution and saving energy. The house has a Solar system installed in order to provide “clean” power to the house. A power remote control system called Power Mate ( is attached to the power inverter in order for the owner to remotely control the power through his PC. The user would like to use Winverter, a power monitoring software, on his PC to monitor the power in the house through Internet.

Application Requirements

1. Since remote power control system, Power Mate, uses RS232 serial interface only for communication, a Serial-to-Ethernet server is needed to convert serial to Ethernet. The Ethernet signal is further transfer through router and ISP and finally reaches home owner’s laptop PC.
2. Winverter software on home owner’s laptop PC only can interpret from serial interface RS232, hence VirtualComm software comes with SE5001 package is used.

What was done by Atop

1. SE5001 was provided by ATop to successfully convert Serial RS232 to Ethernet in cost effective way. Without the SE5001, the home owner will have to drive all the way from city to monitor the power in the cabin.
2. Atop provided a platform with programmable software development kit (SDK) and API. It allows the owner to integrateVirtualComm with Winverter to automatically monitor the power.

System Topology

Key Success factors

1. SE5001 acts as a bridge between the power remote control system and Internet. It allows the user to achieve true remote monitoring from anywhere in the world.
2. There is no power remote system, such as Power Mate, supports Ethernet in the market. Using SE5001 saves the owner a fortune and time instead of searching for a remote system that supports Ethernet or customize the remote system with such function. 

Product SE5001 Serial Server
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