Transportation Control Application

Industry: Transportation
Product: Serial Server SE5404
Site location: Mideast

Case Overview

The user is specializing in traffic control systems including roads, tunnels, gates, traffic signs, traffic lights, lightning, ventilation, phone systems and more. Atop’s products SE5404 comes into the picture as a transparent bridge between a central controller and its slave controllers.

Application Requirements

Traffic control and management systems are set up to transmit real-time traffic information between the control rooms to sub traffic systems, including sending Video data from web cam systems.

The systems need to be reliable and transfer high quality data over multi-host connections to connect diverse traffic management systems.

System Topology

What was done by Atop

The entire system is controlled via a central management system, which can enable closing tunnels, activate fans, view and record video from traffic cameras. Two-way phones are also available in tunnels allowing car drivers to speak with the road operators in case of a problem. Other systems can also be controlled. These include high voltage and low voltage systems, ventilation, auto light dimming in tunnels to prevent flares, fire control system and more. The system is designed to be able to react to any special or abnormal scenarios such as car accidents, fire in tunnels and so on. The main system is based on IP communication for fast response. These controllers are connected directly to the central management system. Other sub-control systems which are communicated via RS485 and/or RS232 can be remotely accessed through network using Atop’s serial server SE5404.
Atop’s compact managed serial servers enable traffic management networking systems for easy system expansions, reliable communication, maximum transportation efficiency and security.

Key success factors

1. SE5404 is used to improve the efficiency and safety of the transportation infrastructure for highway and city traffic applications including signal control systems, electronic toll collection, advanced parking systems, automatic vehicle identification, and video surveillance systems
2. SE5404 acts as a transparent bridge between PLC and traffic light controller. It allows users to achieve real-time remote monitoring and control serial interface connection to cover all traffic lighting on the road via LAN.
3. Due to the wide coverage of transportation systems, SE5404 connections are the best networking solution to achieve long distance data transmission for remote traffic monitoring and control.
4. The modular design of the SE5404 series provides various combinations of connections for different network configurations to IP phones, IP cameras, and signal controllers at traffic sites
5. The SE5404 has a flexible modular design with two LAN port options for network expansion to integrate a variety of traffic control and monitoring equipments.

Product Serial Server SE5404
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