Wind Energy Application

Industry: Wind Energy
Product: Atop Managed and Unmanaged Switches- EH7310 and EH6508G-Fx
Site Location: Southern Europe (from July. 2009 until now)

Case Overview

Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy using wind turbines to make electricity and wind mills for mechanical power.
At the end of 2009, worldwide capacity of wind-powered generators was 159.2 gigawatts (GW). Energy production was 340 TWh, which is about 2% of worldwide electricity usage. Wind Power is growing rapidly, capacity having doubled in each of the past three years.  
The large-scale wind farms are connected to the electric power grids; the smaller facilities are used to provide electricity for some remote and isolated locations. This site is located in the Southern Europe; the user needs a reliable Ethernet network for transferring video surveillance and telemetry data of each wind turbine to a central location. An Ethernet Ring is setup over 300kms distance. Fiber optics and redundant ring have also been implemented.

System requirements

1. A robust and faster (low latency) Gigabit Switch 2. A very fast recovery time of the redundant rings.
3. The guarantee of a non-stop operation; multiple power inputs are mandatory.
4. Fiber optic interfaces for the long-distance data transmit.
5. The alert triggers a relay output for port disconnection in case of power failure.
6. Ease of use in system configuration.  



What was done by Atop

1. Atop’s managed Switch EH6508G-Fx is a managed Layer2 switch with six basic 10/100X ports and 2
Gigabit-ports, which can either be 2 1000TX (copper) ports or 2 1000FX (fiber) ports; its 10ms fast recovery time is ideal for mission-critical applications where minimum network interruptions or down time is expected.
2. In order to fulfill the customer’s special request, Atop provides the managed switches that can be
configured remotely via a web browser, Telnet, CLI, or using Atop’s Windows-based utility program. Any fault alarm or event notification can be sent out by E-mail, recorded in a SNMP trap, or used to trigger a built-in relay.
3. Atop switches provides three separate DC power inputs to guarantee non-stop operation.
4. Atop provides excellent technical support to help the users build up the system topology shown in the above figure. The whole system works very effectively and reliably.

Business Benefit

1. The whole system provides a very fast network with excellent result in video data transmission.
2. This is a pioneer project; Atop’s solution give the customer the confidence to use such solutions in all its Wind Farms.
3. The same solution is being extended to other Wind Farms around the world.  

Key Success Factors

1. Atop provides very fast responses and service to its customers.
2. Atop products are very cost effective, it helps the customer keep the budget under control.
3.  Atop has involved its local distributor network to provide prompt service to the customer.

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